Vol. II - 2022

Editor’s note

The second issue of Mozart Studies is focused on the personality of Leopold Mozart. It includes papers presented at the symposium organized by the Romanian Mozart Society and the Doctoral School of the National Academy of Music “Gheorghe Dima” in 2019, the year of the 300th anniversary of Leopold Mozart’s birth. The symposium took place on the 20th of November 2019, within the 29th edition of the International Mozart Festival, in Cluj-Napoca (Romania). Leopold Mozart remains in music history as the father of the brilliant Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and the author of a famous treatise on violin playing. His controversial personality generated a rich literature, to which are added the six essays included in this volume, representing as many views on his personality and achievements. His legendary figure is explored from musical, pedagogical, psychological and even medical perspectives. Hopefully, you enjoy the reading!